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Roseanne Lynch had an 18 month residency at the Bauhaus Foundation Dessau in 2018 and 2019. She immersed herself there in the sites of the Bauhaus and its Materials Research Archive while also working through the elementary design teachings of the Bauhaus School with photographic processes. Her images act as visual prompts through the recognition of modernist identifiers showing the power of photography in shaping the visual history of modern architecture.

Through making in abstract and documentary ways, Lynch’s work explores the peculiarity of photographic images in terms of what they allow to appear and the ways in which they stand in for what they represent. Her work considers the role of photography in the coding of social structures that create and maintain themselves through images. By engaging with the performative functions of the medium, this presentation of Lynch’s work shows how photographic transformation influences the production of cultural artefacts and collective imaginaries.

This publication, designed by Hans Bol, contains a text on Lynch’s photography practice in relation to the Bauhaus movement by Torsten Blume Artistic and Research Associate, and Curator of Bauhaus Foundation Dessau.

Edition of 400
64 pages
173 x 212 mm
ISBN 9789083330808

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