Bauhaus architectural research archive in Dessau, and Main buildings of The Bauhaus Foundation, Dessau

This interest in Bauhaus stemmed from how the minimal architectural structures hold light. Her interest in Dessau in particular is because that is where Gropius designed the school buildings and Master’s houses. The buildings are recognisable and what most people know is not the place but photographs of the place. This relationship between architecture, photography and representation is her fundamental interest.

She explores and presents work that describe a place, an object or the medium itself. The strategies used and subjects photographed are catalysts to a questioning of the assumed understanding gleaned from encounters with photographs. As with many photography bodies of work, Lynch is showing places you may not have experienced personally and she is mediating that exchange between site and representation consciously.

This body of work was made alongside ‘Grammer’ prior and while on a 3 month residency at The Bauhaus Foundation from October 2018 and as a guest of the HGB Fine art academy, Leipzig. The images are made at the Buildings and research archive, not open to the public, and at other Bauhaus sites in Dessau.

She uses analogue medium and large format (5”x4”) cameras and a darkroom based practice.