Darkroom moments of repetition, elements leaning tentatively against each other on the light sensitive surface for 12 mississippies, or less, or more. There is fragility in that moment, and you are absolutely present, you have to be or you loose count and the thing will be over exposed, or under- or the small construct collapses. I was sure of what I was doing- sure of the unknowing held within the rhythm, each exposure becoming an unrepeatable print.

These images are photograms, gentle traces of temporary structures placed on light sensitive paper. The concerns of these visual investigations are as in architecture; transparency, stability, function and appearance, and also time. A sentence of seven of these images shown together recently, read from left or right, bring you to no understanding as a sentence should, but rather they question the photograph as a structure of understanding. They bring you to a moment of engagement with a material and questioning thought.
In this continuing work I am negotiating photography as a medium of representation, conscious of its own impossibilities. The thrill of potential and failure, repetition and resolve, and the failure of words within the ambition for communication. I am, as always, bringing my attention to the materiality of a photograph and the mechanics of the elements used to make it, specifically with this work; light, chemistry and time.